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Posted by graphmasturgraphmastur on 30 Jul 2009 13:04, last edited on 30 Jul 2009 13:04

This wish is open


This wish is for java applets to have a better way than this process:

The current process

(This was originally posted at tibasicdev.)

This is a test of java applets. Simply click on it, and then click the up or down arrow keys. If they do not work, simply click calibrate, and then click the up, and then the down arrow key. This can be used to program other keys too. The top left two buttons can be used to change the colors. This is a very simple test applet. I was thinking we could do something like have little ti calculators embedded in the web page, or have just the screen, and have interactive scripts. It's just an idea though. I have had some difficulties to share though.
  1. Before they are uploaded to wikidot, you have to make sure of two things:
    1. The html file contains just the applet code, where the applet is a jar file, and the name has no spaces and ends in .jar.
    2. The Applet is a .jar file, which is the name in the html file. Remember, no spaces.
  2. Test it to make sure it still works
  3. Upload the applet, and then the html file. They both have to still have the same name. Even the html file.
  4. Test the uploaded html file to make sure it works. If not, it is probably a simple error with a space, or not adding a .jar extension to your applet.
  5. use the iframe, with the url as the source of your html file.
  6. The attributes Height="#" and Width="#" are necessary. My applet was declared in the html file as 500 by 500, but I had to make the width and height 539.
  7. The last step is to make sure the applet is fluent, and that it works well. If it has things like "Made with …", and you don't know html, then click discuss at the bottom of the page you want to put the applet on with a link to the html file. Someone will fix it.
  8. Although applets have security that is tighter than normal applications, you should follow two rules:
    1. Don't do anything to hurt this site, or the end user.
    2. Don't do anything stupid.

Hopefully new process

[[Module JavaApplet src="" width="539" height="539"]]

This would prevent all of the chaos above.

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