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Posted by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles on 16 Jul 2009 20:01, last edited on 20 Jul 2009 14:15

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With live templates and Listpages et al, it's already possible to create simple webapps. Some of which require no more user entry than a page title. For example, see the Community Polls (operating but for a ListPages custom format LiveTemplates bug). The user enters a title of a page in Polls to create a poll question, and then enters titles of pages in polloptions to create options for that poll (which are autotagged to separate one poll's options from other polls' options).

If a NewPage module attribute Autosave were created, it would remove the unnecessary step of the user waiting for the editor to open and then pressing save. I gather that wikidot, from recent posts on the wikidot blog, has webapps on the brain. A lot of them will operate in similar ways, and if Wikidot forms are coming anyway, an autosave option should be in the works. Do it now, and you get people thinking in webapps terms ahead of schedule and you get a peak at some of what people will come up with as you create a platform for more.

Attribute Required Allowed Values Description
Autosave no no (default), yes, full 'No' takes you to an editor and is default, 'Yes' autosaves without opening the editor and then shows the user the page they created, 'full' creates the page but leaves the user there. Full is great for webapps that use page creation as database entries or information markers to be manipulated on a central page. Seeing those entries may not be useful and might be confusing for the intended end-user.

If Forms are created, there should still be an autosave option, but "Yes" should be the default instead of no. No and full should still be options.

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