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Posted by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles on 06 Jun 2009 19:07, last edited on 06 Jun 2009 19:20

This wish is open


Having a ListPages attribute User would allow any the creation of user-specific blogs without the need for per-user permissions to only allow that user to add to the blog. It would also allow users to showcase all created pages on profile pages more easily.


[[module ListPages category="blog" author="David_Marseilles"]]

[[module ListPages category="blog" author="James_Kanjo"]]

In the above cases, both James and I could add pages to the blog category, but on the page we each created for our blog, only our own posts would show up. If the edit permissions are set to only editable by the page creator, then the blog output is personalized and secure from anyone else trying to add posts to it.

You could also create an editor attribute for other uses.

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