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Posted by gerdamigerdami on 15 May 2008 19:33, last edited on 09 May 2010 05:58

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  • It would be nice to display a random page when clicking on a menu link
    • with a list of categories of pages not to be displayed (nav: system: …)
    • with an option for a particular category (quizz: )
  • It would be nice to have it also in the [[include … ]] command:
    • [[include RandomPage category="cat1, cat2"]]
    • [[include RandomPage category="ALL" except="nav: system:"]
  • It would be nice to have a random order element for use in ListPages

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Have a look at http://snippets.wikidot.com/code:choose-a-page, a clever snippet by

ErichSteinboeckErichSteinboeck. Please visit his/her userPage.

Suggested by

gerdamigerdami. Please visit his/her userPage.

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