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Posted by James KanjoJames Kanjo on 06 Mar 2009 06:50, last edited on 07 Mar 2009 09:00

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Recently, Wikidot has revamped their search engine to search pages faster, and provide more intelligent results utilising tags in the process.

But many people have different ideas of how much more useful the search engine could be. Rather than creating numerous posts for specific wished functionality, I thought it appropriate to list the most practical functionalities here:

  1. BOOLEAN search values — you should be able to search literal text, and use terms such as AND, OR and NOT. It would be cleverer to utilise the same syntax as the Google search engine.
  2. SOURCE code — you should be able to search the source code of pages. This makes upgrading "old code" much easier; however, this capability should be restricted to Site Admins and perhaps Moderators, because it would violate privacy if the Site Owner doesn't want to reveal the source code of the site to the public.
  3. CATEGORIES — you should be able to restrict the search results to selected categories.
  4. CHILD pages — similar to the above, you should be able to restrict the search results to all child pages of a parent page.
  5. TAGS — you should be able to search pages, provided they have selected tags.
  6. INVERSE search results — you should be able to show the results of pages which don't match the set conditions (i.e. All pages NOT with a specific category). This is similar to the boolean functionality.
  7. MEMBERS or contributors — you should be able to search all pages that a particular member has posted on, created or contributed to.
  8. SORT results - by pertinence - by date created asc/dsc - by date edite asc/dsc

Perhaps there are some important things I'm missing from this list — in which case, just post them and I or a site moderator will append them to the list (provided they are practical suggestions).

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