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Posted by LegoabramLegoabram on 21 Nov 2008 18:42, last edited on 19 Aug 2009 17:57

This wish has a workaround, but has not been granted

THIS WISH HAS BEEN SUPERSEDED! Please instead see wish 50.


The search module is at the moment very unmodifiable and unflexible. The search module should be openly documented with new parameters.

Category Parameter

The search module should be able to be selective as to where it gets the search results. So for example, say we had a website full of tutorials. Each of the tutorials had the category "tutorial:". Thus, the category parameter should be…

[[module Search category="tutorial"]]

Custom display of information.

Of course, the search module includes the location of the searched words in the text but just like the listpages module, the format of the displayed information should be custimized. Thus the format of the search module will be similar to the list pages module.

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