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Posted by LegoabramLegoabram on 19 Nov 2008 18:41, last edited on 05 Mar 2009 08:04

This wish is open


I propose a new module that creates GUI (Graphic User Interface) objects within the page such as buttons and text boxes. The uses of this module could be endless. I will provide some samples of what it could look like and what could be done with each object. Here is what the module could look like.

[[module GUI]]
-- This is where the object data would go. --

Button Object

The button object could replace normal url links such as []. The button could create an exact copy but with a smoother feel to it.
To create this button you could use this code as follows.
[[module GUI]]

This same kind of button could be linked to a file for download.

The next button function would be code. This button could be selected instead of the normal edit button to edit the source. But here is what would be different. The code edited can be limited to a single section that is marked by tags such as, [codeseg Editable] and [/codeseg]. The code for the edit button would be…

[[module GUI]]
#label=Edit this Section
#data=Editable -- This piece of code can be removed to have the button edit the entire source.

The next function of a button could be the variable function. the variable function allows the user to select a variable and change it's value. It can even set one variable to another. Along with this function, number variable should be made. This can be used to create a GUI object system that preforms a calulation from inputed values from an text box GUI object. Here is an example of the code for a variable button.

[[module GUI]]
{variable1} = [!--
{variable2} = {variable3}

Anything following the #function command is the variable changers.

Text Box

The text box object can have a value inputed and then the value printed to a variable. The text box accepts the parameters #type, #label, #data, and #datatype. #datatype can be used to specify what kind of text can go into the text box. "alpha" will limit input to letters and "num" will limit input to numbers.
[[module GUI]]
#label=Your Name

I also believe that this module could be used to have whatever is in the text box be placed directly in the code and saved. This function would save many people the trouble of making pages that users edit but requires a very specific formatting technique. This would be used by placing tags around the location where the source code is linked to the text box. These tags could be [()= and =]@@. Of course these tags would not be compiled. Only the code inside the tags. In between the () is where the tag specifier is placed. Lets say this is name. Thus the code for this module would be…

[[module GUI]]
#label=Your Name

In Conclusion

With the GUI module, user could design an infinite number of complex mini applications on their own web site and add yet another step of functionality for their website. Thank you for taking the time to read this wish.

I hope the wikidot team takes this idea into consideration.

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