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Posted by gerdamigerdami on 13 Sep 2008 08:44, last edited on 09 May 2010 05:54

This wish is open


From Site manager - Notifications - Bottom of page one can read

Notifications related to this site are also available via a password-protected RSS 2.0 feed:
* In order to view the feed you must authenticate via Basic HTTP Authentication mechanism. Many of the news aggregators support that method.
* Use the following data for authentication:

o username: moc.psi|xxxxx#moc.psi|xxxxx
o password: 67cd688be17edb9

* The password above is a hashed version of your login password. It can be used only for your feed access and not for login - so in principle it should be safe to use.
* Only the Site Administrators are allowed to view this feed.

This username and password is also mandatory to access private sites' rss feeds.

This procedure is so cumbersome that an average wiki user of a private website cannot do it.
Please simplify!

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gerdamigerdami. Please visit his/her userPage.

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