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Posted by mattdmmattdm on 12 Sep 2008 16:33, last edited on 27 Mar 2009 23:09

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[[if {$var}==string]] Then show this block. [[/if]]


The power of included pages (or templates, for that matter) would be significantly enhanced if certain portions of the page could be included or not depending on the value of a variable. Like this:

[[if {$var}==string]]
Then show this block.

Possibly with an "else" block as well, although having != as a possibility could accomplish the same thing.

And in fact, a more minimal version which doesn't require any comparisons:

[[ifdef {$var}]]
Then show this block.

would be useful in many of the situations I'm envisioning.

Partial work around:

1. iftags conditions work now!

have a look to use iftags:

2. "Include" technic

Erich Steinboeck has developed several clever ways to get this functionality:

Basically, this works by exploiting quirks in the way comments are processed.

However, the increased complexity is a huge downside. It's a solution for Wikidot experts. And it unfortunately pushes some of that complexity to the including page, which means that it's not ideal even the case where an expert creates a template for general users.

Additionally, the way these tricks rely on particular parsing behaviour makes them fragile.

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