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Posted by Phil ChettPhil Chett on 15 May 2008 14:16, last edited on 30 Sep 2009 13:31

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Instead of having to register for "wikidot", then register to the site that i wish to be a member of. Is it possible to register for the site i wish to become a member of, and then automatically be a member of wikidot.
ie. A one step process instead of two ?

there is a new design wiki for this old wish:
http://blog.wikidot.com/wiki:authentication-flow-and-membership-models !

Reasons for 1 Step Registration

  • Users frequently "join" wikidot from a particular wiki without realizing they need to go back and join the original wiki as well, hurting the individual wiki's membership and participation. Some users figure it out and get their second membership, others get frustrated and leave.
  • On a fairly regular basis in the community forums, someone pops up who has just joined, and asks a very specific question that has nothing to do with wikidot, but is clearly related to the content of a particular wiki. They joined, got pushed over to wikidot.com, thought they were still at the same site they joined from, clicked the forums (which led, unbeknownst to them, to the community forums), and asked a question. Some of these users may never make it back to the original wiki they tried to join. That's bad for the wiki, and it's bad for wikidot too. If they had participated in and gotten help from the original wiki, their chances of becoming a long-time member participating in multiple wikis increases, whereas if they get frustrated and leave, wikidot loses traffic and potential ad revenue, not to mention frustrating individual wiki admin who should have had one more member and contributer.

Links to forum Posts


Examples of New Users Getting Lost or Fail to Join their desired wiki Because of multi-step confusion



And what about Google's FriendConnect ?

  • Anyone can join your site with one click by using their existing Google, Yahoo and other accounts.
  • Visitors can evangelize for your site by inviting their friends and publishing their activities to their social networks.
  • Social gadgets will keep these visitors more deeply engaged with your site, and with each other.

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