TagCloud module should have a black list of tags

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Posted by gerdamigerdami on 24 Jul 2008 11:27, last edited on 09 May 2010 06:04

This wish has a workaround, but has not been granted


TagCloud module returns top tags (of the specified category).
That's fine. However, since tags are mixed up and often not controllable. Some are used for categorising the topic (i.e. excel), other are used for something else.

Result: a tag could show up as top rated but with little relevance. Example: the current "howto" tag which appears top rated in the left menu.

Hence I would like to be able to get rid of this tag (and perhaps others) for this tagcloud while keeping it for another purpose.
Syntax would be:

[[module TagCloud  omit="howto,wiki"]]


if you need this for a tag clpud you should use the ListPages module instead of Tag clouds ..
1. with the new snippets solution ( Horizontal list of Linked-titles ) : http://snippets.wikidot.com/code:listpages-horizontal

here you can mix the tags + and minus… the result is a "cloud" of linked titles only for the spcific tags

2. you can use instead the linked titltes the "tags" itself as output only if you uise the atrribute:

attribute required allowed values default description
tags no comma- or space-separated tag names with + and - modifiers, or @URL none lists tags that are used as a criteria to select pages, the "+" before the tag makes it required, "-" means "without a tag" and tags without modifiers translate to "pages that have any of those tags";
a special tag "=" adds all the tags that are present in the current page
tagTarget no name of a landing page for clickable tags none if this parameter is set to a name of a wiki page, all tags (generated with %%tags%% will be clickable and will lead to this page

As atypical Code:

[[module ListPages category="category" tags="+dificulty,+hard,-howot,-wiki"  separate="false" limit="30" \
order="dateEditedDesc" tagTarget="system3:tagcloud3"  prependLine="* Pages from ``category'' \"]]
%%tags%% \

Where "system3:tagcloud3" is the tag-page used by this module( do nto forget to insert ; [[module PagesByTag]]. Problems I see onyl with the order attribute…

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