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Posted by David MarseillesDavid Marseilles on 07 Jul 2008 07:51, last edited on 20 Jun 2009 20:10

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I would like the New Page module to be expandable via custom form creation, allowing for quick submission of standardized content, or page creation for users with little wiki expertise.

The means would be through markup that is found in the Mail Form module paired with markers in a live template in the category that the New Page Form points to. So for instance;


New Page module:

[[module NewPage category="x" include="video-instructions"]]
# pageTitle
 * title: What is the Name of your Video
 * rules:
  * required: true 
  * minLength: 2
# videoEmbedCode
 * title: What is the Embed Code for your Video?
 * type: text
 * size: 150
 * rules:
  * required: true
  * minLength: 30  
# videoDescription
 * title: Describe your video
# videoUploader
 * title: What is your wikidot username?
# videoTag1
 * title: What type of video is this?
 * type: tagSelect
 * options
  * montage
  * tournament
  * clan-war
# videoTag2
 * title: What map does this video feature (if any)?
 * type: tagSelect
 * options
   * port: Port
   * city: City
   * : None of the above




%%form videoEmbedCode%%

[[cell style="padding: 10px;"]]
[[div style="width: 300px; height:320px; overflow:auto;"]]
+++ Description:

%%form  videoDescription%%


+ %%form pageTitle%%
[[size x-small]] uploaded by[[*user {$%%form videoUploader}]][[/size]]

Would present a form with 4 text areas (pageTitle, videoEmbedCode, videoDescription, and videoUploader) and two option drop-down boxes (videoTag1 and videoTag2) that automatically tag the page with predefined tags. I'd like to see automatic tagging available through both a basic text area (type: tagTextArea) and the dropdown tags as shown above (type:tagSelect) An include attribute would allow us to make an instruction page elsewhere with helpful information, and present it at the top of the form.

Custom marker tags would derive from field names. They would be placed in the Default initial content area of the Live Template, and when the page is created, would be replaced by the user input of the respective field names. So %%form videoEmbedCode%% would be replaced by the embed code that a user pasted into that text area.

So at page creation, the module would Send the Page title to a header at the top of the page (because the live template moves %%content{2}%% to the top), create a wiki user signature just underneath that, place the embed code between the embed tags inside a table underneath the title and user signature, and send the video description to the appropriate cell in the same table, while tagging it with predefined tags. Page created, and the user did not need to know wiki-speak.


This functionality could have endless uses, not just for simplifying content creation for people who don't know how to use wiki, but for automating repetitive entry on database items. It could also serve as the foundation of an editor for a future wikidot blogging platform, one that wouldn't take away our current flexibility, but would provide a nice, standardized (but still alterable and optional) method for creating new posts.

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WiiHD's Video Upload site
At this site I allow users to submit video game related videos for listing, rating and commenting to the community. I use the current New Page module, and simply provide instructions in [!-- comment --] form as to where to paste what.

The content automatically appears on the main page, thanks to the ListPages module.

Some people are scared by the wiki text area, and others just don't follow instructions. A form like the one described above could create a very professional looking content submission form for many different applications, and limit incidents of new user error.

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