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Posted by cold_blood3dcold_blood3d on 22 Jun 2008 01:52, last edited on 05 Mar 2009 07:55

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Currently all Flickr images inserted using the syntax of [[image flickr:2334140462 size="small"]] automatically link to the image's Flickr page. This can very disruptive, as it causes users to leave the site. In conjunction with the ListPages module, I have setup up a system to automatically provide thumbnail images beside each page title link. The problem is that 90% of people click the thumbnail thinking it will bring them to the corresponding wiki page—instead they get taken to Flickr and have to go back.

This is why i propose a "link" option for Flickr images, just like [[image xyz.jpg link="link_goes_here"]]

Instead, it would be [[image flickr:2334140462 size="small" link="link_goes_here"]]

To correspond with Flickr terms, a small link to the image's Flickr page would be generated to go underneath the image only when the "link" property is used.

Here's a sample of what it could look like:

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