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Posted by gerdamigerdami on 25 May 2008 15:21, last edited on 08 May 2010 01:59

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From recent posts, it seems that there is a need for system variables such as:

[$currentPageName] i.e. cat1:pagename %%page_name%%
[$currentPageCategory] i.e. cat1:pagename %%category%%
[$currentPageFullName] i.e. cat1:pagename %%full_page_name%%
[$currentPageTitle] %%title%%
[$currentPageCreatedBy]] i.e. the first author %%author%%
[$currentPageCreatedDate]] i.e. the creation date %%date%%
[$currentPageLastEditedBy]] i.e. the last editor %%updated_by%% and %%updated_by_linked%%
[$currentPageLastEditedDate]] i.e. the last edition date %%updated_at|format%%
[$currentPageLastEditedTime]] i.e. the last edition time %%updated_at|format%%
[$currentUserName]] [[module ListUsers users="."]]
[$currentPageFirstImage] i.e., filename of first image uploaded in format: image.jpg (Not needed? Just use [[image :first]].)

[$numberOfPages] might be interesting or [[module CountPages options]]
[[module CountPages]] and [[module CountPages category="cat1"]]

* current wiki %%site_title%%%%site_name%%%%site_domain%%
* current username [[module ListUsers users="."]]
* number of users per wiki (There is a workaround to do this, but it's for Pro accounts only, so not crossing this off yet)
* number of active users (over the last N days or weeks or months or years)
* current page name (with and without the category: )
* total number of pages [[module CountPages options]]
* total number of pages, templates or system pages excepted [[module CountPages options]]
* total number of categories
* number of pages per category [[module CountPages category="cat1, cat2"]]
* number of words per page (for hartnell's ztags …) (There is a variable for length of page in # of characters, but not # of words)

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Live templates

Added on 14 November

Some of the requested systeme variables have been implemented through the live templates, look for paragraph on Page variables within the _template (new!!!).
However, one missing variable in the context of live templates but also of the ListPages module is the %%right-part-of-the-pagename%%.
See my blog post Multilingual wikidot site - the missing puzzle piece for illustration.

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