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This FAQ is for questions that appear regularly in the Wikidot Community forums. If you can't find the answer to your question here, then please ask your question on the forum, where it will be quickly answered.

You don't need to be a member of the Community "Portal" to do so, but you do need to have a Wikidot account.


Is Wikidot Free?

The basic wikidot version is free but there are are also payable pro lite, pro and pro+ versions which give you more features. To see the difference between the versions see the Plans page

How many Wikis can I create & own ?

The free version gives you 5 wikis. The payable versions give you 5 sites for the pro lite, 10 for the pro and 30 for the pro+ accounts. But you can buy more sites and more storage.

How much storage space do I get?

Storage limits vary by the plan type. The current limits and details can be found on the Plans page.

Note: Storage limits are related to file uploads only. You can have unlimited pages for each of your sites.

How large of a file can I upload?

Individual file size limits by the plan type. The current limits and details can be found on the Plans page.

What are the payable features ?

These are described on the Plans page

How to start a new Wiki ?

A good place to start, is by reading For confused first-timers or New Site Check List

Is there a choice of site templates for easy creation of websites ?

Yes, go to, choose a site-template and clone it !


Will Wikidot put ads on my wiki?

Yes, on some free wikis. This policy is being reviewed.

Can I put ads on my wiki?

Yes. You can use Google AdSense.


How long can a wikidot page be?

The "source" of a page can contain a maximum of 200.000 characters ( including spaces) . The real rendered page-output for download to the screen can be longer.

How long can be a link or a pagename?

The maximum length of an internal link or a pagename is 60 characters over all ( including category). Write a longer link and only the first 60 characters are used without any message.

How do I edit the menu at the top of the page?

Have a look at this help:menu

Can I put raw HTML / JavaScript in a Page?

You can use html & CSS. Insert your code as "html" or "css" on any page. Then you can "iframe" these on any wiki page, just as though they were uploaded as files elsewhere! For further information see Any HTML code on a page.

You can't use "raw" JavaScript directly in a page. However, it's possible to attach a file that contains the JavaScript and iframe it.

The following HTML tags are available in wiki syntax :

  • <div> - [[div]]
  • <span> - [[span]]
  • <table> - [[table]]
  • <tr> - [[row]]
  • <td> - [[cell]]

Where can I find & edit the menus — left, right or top ?

As long as you haven't (yet) changed the naming convention in your wiki in the site manager, these are standard wikidot pages under a special category named "nav:"

  • Side menu you can find and edit under "nav:side" ( key in the Url address: )
  • Top menu you will find and edit under "nav:top" (Url address: )

When you've found them, click on the edit button at the bottom (newbies often forget!). If you've lost any menu structure you can always reset the nav page to an older version using the history button.

Is there a choice of themes - layouts ?

Not one choice but two!

  • Via the sitemanager, you can apply different built-in themes to your site
  • Or visit the themes repository

Can I edit the CSS in a theme?

Yes, you can. It's good experience to try a new CSS style on your site! It is easy to install a "custom" CSS-Theme (modifying one of the standard themes). You can tweak a standard theme with a few changes, or you can overhaul it entirely. Have a look at our how-to pages:

Tagging compound words ?

It seems that Wikidot only allows tagging single words, ex. "library". Tagging compound words (ex. "digital library") isn't possible. Tags are space separated, so "digital library" is treated as "digital" and "library". Use "digital-library" to avoid the issue; "digital_library" works too.


How to add members or invite people to join my wiki?

The easiest way to allow people to join:
1. Open your Site manager and click on the "Access policy" tab
2. Make sure that you select the 'open' access policy, and click Save
3. On your system:join page, add this code: [[module Join button="Join this site!"]]
4. Instruct people to visit that page and to click on the button, and they will immediately become a member. It will even go through the steps of creating a Wikidot account for them if they don't have one yet!

Other alternatives:

  • Membership by password
  • Membership by application
  • Administrator sends an invitation

Membership by password:
1. Set up the Join module as instructed above
2. On your "Access policy" tab, you should select either the 'closed' or 'private' option instead
3. Tick the box that says "Enable membership by password" and type in the password you want to use
4. Click on the Save button

Membership by application:
1. Set up the Join module as instructed above
2. On your "Access policy" tab, you should select either the 'closed' or 'private' option instead
3. Tick the box that says "Enable membership by applying"
4. Click on the Save button

Note that you are allowed to have both the password and application methods selected at the same time. This would mean that anyone with the password can join instantly, while everyone else needs to ask you first.

Administrator sends an invitation:
1. Go to your Site manager, and select the "Members" tab
2. Select "Invite Members" to invite an existing Wikidot user
3. Select "Send Email Invitiations" to invite someone that has never used Wikidot before

The Wikidot Handbook also has a very useful page on how to join a wiki, which you might want to show to your users.

Appointing members as administrator/moderator

have a look in Site manager ( "admin:manage" ) - Members - List members : will give you a list :-

  • member name: member since: 4 May 2007, 21:10 +0100 (options)

- click on options and click on to admins or to moderators.

Upload Files - How and where ?

From any page of your wiki, you can upload and attach a file from your local PC. If you are at the page where you want to attach a file, simply click on the link Files at the page options buttons. Then click Upload File. Don't forget to give the attached file a correct extension!
Some people create a standard page "all-files" for file storage on their wiki, to collect all uploaded files in one page. Then they don't have to search later for specific files. (Now where did I put that thing?). If you have such finding problems you can do as an admin a "backup" ( site manager) , download the backup zip file to your PC - and you fill find under /files all "page names" (with files) as directories, and inside them the files. Now you know where your files are attached….

Can I make part of my wiki private and another public?

Not yet, but this is a planned feature. A wiki can only be 100% viewable by the public, or 100% private and accessible only by members. The best solution right now is to create two wikis, one for public use and the other for private use.


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