Candidate For Delete

This page shows the list of pages which are for some reason candidates for deletion.

If you want to add a page to this list you should insert the following code at the top of that page:

[[include inc:candidate-for-delete
|reason=The reason for deletion
|date=YYYY-MMM-DD [!-- The date when this notification is inserted into the page --]

This page is a candidate for deletion because This is a test - entry only, and therefore it has been moved to the category of deleted pages.

This notification has also been sent to the author of this page via private message.

The author has 10 days beginning from 2010-MAY-11 to move this page contents to the right place, change it, or whatever he/she considers necessary. After 10 days, this page will be permanently deleted, in the interests of keeping the community organised and free from redundancy.

Best regards,
Wikidot Community

Then you should move that page to deleted category, and send PM to the author of the page.

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All pages listed here more than 10 days will either be deleted permanently OR moved into the archive category if the page's content holds any possible future value.

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