Syntax Changes
I created a "journal" with little entries explaining - like a log file - the syntax changes happened on wikidot..sorted descending by implementation or documentation date - the newest first - and only a short description.
Implemented or
documented on
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2017-07-13 Module Listpages New Selector : votes ( like rating
2014-11-05 Module Listpages New selection updated_at : "last n unit" or "older than n unit" where 'n' is a count (defaults to 1) and unit is "hours", "day", "week", or "month"
2014-11-05 Module Listpages New selection created_at : "last n unit" or "older than n unit" where 'n' is a count (defaults to 1) and unit is "hours", "day", "week", or "month"
2014-09-29 Module Listpages New Selector : name ( like "s%" for partial search), fullname
2013-09-30 Advanced (custom) tables New feature: hcell, colspan, rowspan
2013-04-30 Categories Module New feature: includeHidden="true"
2011-04-29 Module NewPage New feature: Autosave function (mode, goTo)
2011-03-23 Stand alone Button set-tags New feature: (doc - Description): [[button set-tags +_tag1 -_tag2 text="Change tags"]]
2010-10-04 Change Log New feature: Allow URLs in tri-parenthesis links @[[[ | Description]]]
2010-09-21 Module Listpages New variable : %%created_by_unix%%, "Unixified" name of user who created page — to be used for constructing URLs; also %%modified_by_unix%%, %%commented_by_unix%%
2010-06-1 Module Data Forms New feature: Data Forms file field
2010-03-02 HTML Blocks New feature: Create HTML blocks by using [[html]] … [[/html]] tags (each on its own line).
2010-02-04 Private Categories New Customizable error pages per private category (category:_public).
2010-02-02 Private Categories Live! New It is now possible to make individual categories (not the default category) private, on public sites.
2010-02-01 Data Forms Live! New Wikidot now supports data forms (Design)
2010-01-11 Universal escaping/Unicode New Wikidot syntax now supports universal escaping / Unicode..
2010-01-05 Meta tag for pages New Added "viewport" meta tag for pages.
2010-01-04 Module ListUsers New "module ListUsers Minimal ListUsers implementation made (will be extended over time).
2009-12-18 Pro users can now block: (Pro) Site manager:Access policy panel now lets pro user block cross-site includes from their site,block cloning of their site by others.
2009-12-16 Welcome Page for new members Site manager:General panel now lets you specify a page that welcomes new members to a site..
2009-12-15 Site Branding Site manager:Site Branding New feature: per-site profiles (pro, pro+ sites), accessible from site manager under "Site Branding" menu option.
2009-12-02 CSS Module New "module CSS" lets you add custom CSS code to any page
2009-10-30 Cross Site Include Cross Site include: supporting [[include :sitename:category:page-name]] with existing argument syntax.
2009-10-28 Change Log Site: name max 50 char, title max 200 char, tagline max 200 char.
2009-10-17 Change Log New: Email addresses used for Wikidot accounts now allow '+' character.
2009-10-13 Change Log New: "Tags now accept ' characters ( Single apostrophes - original report)
2009-10-12 Join module New: "Join this site" action button ( instead of "old", deprecated "Membership…" modules )
2009-09-29 Table of Contents [[toc]] now accepts a 'title=' argument to customize or remove the title
2009-09-17 ListPages module New version of ListPages that implements most of the new design sketch we've developed together. There are a lot of new features.
2009-09-16 ListPages module New: ListPages tag="=" now ignores hidden tags.
2009-09-16 New Clone Module Clone module now accepts source= and button= arguments.
2009-09-16 Image tag [[Image]] now accepts title= argument which provides hover text
2009-09-07 ListPages Module NEW ! New ListPages syntax available - New variables now available in _templates.
2009-09-04 ListPages Module ! New ListPages syntax available
2009-09-03 New Clone Module New module "Clone" creates copy of current site!
2009-08-31 MailForm Module ! Define a form, let others fill it and receive the forms via email !
New: publicly available to all sites. The content of the submitted form is sent to a "Recipients list" of wikidot users
2009-08-24 NextPage / PreviousPage Modules New "Range selector" - Select by range: range="range-selector" parameter
2009-08-17 Searching has some very useful parameters now! New: Additional filters like category:abc , since:yyyy-mm-dd , till:yyyy-mm-dd and user:author-name added to "Basic" searching and "Global" searching.
2009-08-07 The Thumbnails service New: Wikidot automatically generates thumbnails in various sizes for every Wikidot site and every theme on the themes project
2009-08-07 CountPages Module New: module "CountPages" works like ListPages but lets you display counts.
2009-08-05 ListPages module New: automatic max limit="250" (cannot be overwritten) can create pagination - limit reduced to 250 as temporary measure to reduce database stress. Under review.
2009-08-02 Code Blocks New: All wiki syntax inside a code block except [[include]] tags is treated as literal text and not processed. To prevent an include tag from being processed, put a single space in front of it. (Clarification of existing behavior.)
2009-07-24 ListPages module New: parent="category:pagename" - restricts results to children of specified page
2009-07-24 Comments module New: order="reverse" (or "forwards" by deault) - shows comments in reverse order, newest above oldest
2009-06-24 Underscore trick an old feature for ALL users: use _ (underscore) at the end of the line you want to break (after one space)
2009-06-03 Watchers Module a new feature for ALL users: [[module Watchers]] list all users watching this page.
2009-04-16 NextPage / PreviousPage Modules a new feature for ALL users: (ticket 253) available are now Modules
2009-04-10 Image tag NEW: :first as the image source, meaning the first (by name) image attached to current page (or a page currently listed when using ListPages module)!
2009-04-06 Gallery tag NEW: Sorting Options!
2009-04-06 My Account: watching Improved Listing of items you are watching
2009-04-03 pro: MULTIFILE UPLOADER ! as a Pro Account feature available is now an Adobe9/10 Flash Multi File uploader
2009-03-29 Module Categories NEW: [[module Categories]] Undocumented feature !
2009-03-24 TagCloud module NEW: [[module TagCloud mode="3d"]] Added 3D tag cloud view
2009-03-24 cornify new embed code : funny "Cornify" code snippet
2009-03-18 Wikidot XML-RPC API: the Application Interface! NEW: API Methods - write your own path & search through your wiiki (draft)
2009-03-18 Members Module [[module Members]] has now pagination for long lists and new attributes: showSince="no/yes" and order="…" (Community Members)
2009-03-18 Files Module NEW: [[module Files]] List all files attached to a page
2009-03-17 ListPages Module %%author_edited%% , %%user_edited%%"
2009-03-17 Long URL ( >= 60 char) with "ending dash (-)" (Bug-fix): Pro:ticket 240 is now read- & editable
2009-03-17 Editing tags, without changing page source or title now creates a history entry (not a new revision) with documentation
2009-03-16 Date: How Long Ago? NEW: [[date timestamp <format="format<|agohover>">]]
2009-03-16 Tab view NOTE: TabView breaks TOCs, anchor links and back button
2009-03-10 OrphanedPages Module NEW: [[module OrphanedPages]]
2009-03-10 WantedPages Module NEW: [[module WantedPages]]
2009-03-08 SiteGrid Module Limit introduced - random order
2009-02-23 pro: Custom Domain Sites that use custom domains can now use the custom domain as the only url for the site, . . Option in Site Manager > Custom domain
2009-02-20 pro: Custom Footers Pro+ users can now modify the footer element on their sites: » Site Manager » Appearance » Custom Footer.
2009-02-18 pro: Pro Lite accounts, credit card payments "Credit Card payments" and "Pro Lite" Accounts introduced: Subscription plans
2009-02-13 Watching Email notifications (aka Watching)
2009-02-13 Universal Edit Button Support for Universal Edit Button on all wiki pages (Firefox - Appl. UEB)
2009-02-03 files "Pagination" to listing of attached files - if more than 200 files attached..
2009-01-19 FeaturedSite Module NEW
2009-01-19 SiteGrid Module NEW
2009-01-15 NewPage Module parent="page-name" attribute
2009-01-15 gallery [[gallery viewer="no"]] or [[gallery viewer="false"]]
2009-01-15 Clicking edit and save, without changing page source or title now recompiles the page without new revision being created.
2009-01-15 SSL is now available only in Pro+ plans, as scheduled
2009-01-08 Tags fields can now be up to 500 (was 256) characters long, individual tags are up to 64 chars long.
2008-12-17 pro: Public on Wednesday, 17 Dec 2008 ( FAQ)
2008-12-15 Mouse hovering now works for bibliography items in forum posts.
2008-12-09 pro: Pre-public Pro Accounts launched:plans The upgrade panel is available in My Account, under the tab Upgrades.
2008-11-28 guest commenting mode and anonymous forum posting: Blog-like input forms ask for name, email, website. Name (and website) are displayed instead of IP addresses.
2008-11-28 Comments Module hideForm="true" attribute
2008-11-17 toc +* This will not appear in TOC
2008-11-09 ListPages Module %%page_name%% or %%page_unix_name_without_category%%
2008-11-08 Live Templates %%page_name%% or %%page_unix_name_without_category%%
2008-11-06 thumbnails "absolute path": http://site-name.wikidot/local--thumbnail/small.jpg (or medium.jpg); beware of the double dash ( - - ) in the local- -thumbnail!
2008-10-08 "Manipulate" pages without "loading" them "/norender/true" or "?norender=true"
2008-10-08 Site-Manager: "Autonumbering of pages" NEW! ( per category)
2008-09-30 ListPages Module order="random"
2008-09-23 pro: Profile Visibility "hide my profile/list of my edits/my forum posts/wikis I am a member of"
2008-09-18 pro: user icons management per wiki Now you can choose, if you like to see pro/karma icons on your own Wiki or not. You can trigger it in your admin:manage site.
2008-09-18 pro: outgoing pingback management set, if you want to enable of disable pingbacks from your Wiki.
2008-09-08 pro Cloning Wiki admin:manage panel -> Misc Options -> Clone.
2008-09-07 Tags - iftags NEW! (glossary:tags)
2008-09-05 NewPage Module tags="…. …." attribute
2008-09-01 PageCalendar module Connected with ListPages!
2008-07-28 Tags individual tags are up to 64 chars long.
2008-05-18 Live Templates NEW! (help:template)

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