How i became successfull

by InnovativeInnovative 30 Nov 2008 11:05

I owe my thianks to Thank you very much.You have made me a web publisher a web master of 20+ sites all fully loaded with Google Ads.With patience and dedication now i have collected 85+ dollars in my a/c. Soon pay out will reach 100USD.Let me tell the world that i am computer illetrate. Do not know much about computers and different techniques.. But the codes,snippets and syntaxes provided by are very simple and impressive.With the passage of time i have created few attractive webs…Thank you wikidot.. hats off to you.My all the webs can be seen here…. but i think the best 1 are which is infact a tribute to and Adsense program. Thank you again…
Marki h Meer
web publisher

Result: The key to succes is create as many sites as you can manage easily… and this is only possiable with

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