by AstrogeekAstrogeek 26 Apr 2010 23:50

As an amateur astronomer, I am very interested in sharing my passion with others, especially school-aged children. I began giving astronomy presentations in classrooms in 2007. As soon as I began doing that, I also began hearing questions about the supposed "end of the world", which was claimed would occur in 2012.

I began researching these claims in order to answer the questions intelligently, and stumbled upon an entire sub-culture of doomsday beliefs. Fictional doomsday planets, ancient prophecies that never happened, and claims of alien visitations and plots to subject the planet to a "New World Order" were all tied to these claims.

I began writing rebuttals to these claims on my personal blog, but soon found the article overwhelmingly long. I looked around for a better place to host the information, and found wikidot.com. Not only could I break up my article into several smaller articles, but I could collaborate with others to improve and expand the website well beyond what I could do on my own.

2012hoax.org is now called "one of the best sources of information" regarding the 2012 doomsday nonsense, thanks in large part to the tools provided by wikidot.com.

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