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ACCROSS ( is an acronym encyclopedia for the humanitarian world. Open for all to contribute, currently explaining 437 acronyms used in the RCRC Movement, and constantly expanding.

Everybody might know what UN, WHO, UNICEF or MSF stands for, but there are so many other acronyms in use, and new acronyms are constantly invented… If you look them up elsewhere, the same acronym might have 20+ different meanings, in industry, computing, finance, …, but what about if you're really interested in the meaning used in a health or development context in the humanitarian world?

This database/wiki should then prove useful, either if you just want to know the meaning of an abbreviation, or if you want to know the authoritative origin of an acronym, which may have become lost - for example, why is UNHCR the UN Refugee Agency?

by Helmut_pdorfHelmut_pdorf

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