Screenshots Page

To add an image to a forum post, you have 2 possibilities:

Variant 1)

Upload an image to a page of your site ( let's say "screenshots:page"
and insert the LONG Url ( over "info" in the "files" menu) in the image - tag in your post:

[[image ]] :

or -better, if the size of the screenshot destoys the layout of the forum-post:

  • Use the Link="*htt…. " attribute tp open a new window with the big screenshot on a click on the image and
  • a witdh= attribute to make it smaller ( like a small button to click):

[[image width="200px" link="*" alt="here should be the image shown"]] :

THis gives here inserted zje (little) imge - made with:
[[image link="*" width="200px" alt="here should be the image shown"]]

here should be the image shown
( click on the image ! )


Variant 2)

Upload an image to this page (on the community site) then use the following syntax in your post:

[[image /screenshots:page/imagename.jpg]]


After you have uploaded your image you might need to refresh the page to see it in the gallery below:

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