Think Wikidot rocks? Why not spread the word then!

Here is what you can do:

Spread the word

Link to Wikidot

Put some of the various banners, buttons, wallpapers and animations onto your profile in forums, social networks, etc.

You may also add the page in which you mentioned Wikidot here.

Hint Wikidot about relevant places to tell the world about itself

You know a great directory, social network, forum, etc where it'd be just to the point to mention Wikidot, but you don't have time to register and post messages? No problem! Just submit the link and let the Wikidot guys do the boring work when they decide.

Submit adware

No, not talking about spam here. :) Just help Wikidot with the various ways for advertising it, listed below:

Submit a banner, button, wallpaper or animation

You have an artistic talent and computer skills in visual expression? Then you can help Wikidot by making a beautiful banner or button or animation. You can upload your creative work here.

Tell your story

Your talent is rather verbal than artistic? Then why not share your story how Wikidot helped you? Submit your stories here.

Suggest a slogan

Ever felt you were born for a politician? Invent a slogan for Wikidot to help the masses think the right way! ;)

Submit a promotional screensaver

Let the image of Wikidot hypnotize your co-workers while you are not on the PC!

Add your Wikidot site in

The "Wikidot Directory" is conceived to be a directory of sites created on Wikidot only. It can well serve as a show case of what can be achieved by the Wikidot platform. Add your site in it and let web visitors see what jewels of wiki design can be created!

Share your ideas and tips

If you have a brilliant marketing idea for Wikidot or just a small tip (which could have a big impact, though!) go on here.

Welcome the newcomers

Help a newbie make the first steps

They say the first impression is very important… What if someone lands to Wikidot and no one is willing to stretch a helping hand? Let's not forget how we made our first steps in Wikidot and asked stupid questions.

You can help newbies by subscribing to the RSS feed of this thread: and by participating when you can. You can also contribute to

Voice your disappointment with Wikidot, if there's any

Sometimes a user can feel so loving to the favourite piece of software, as if it were a living mate! That is true to an extent because humans are the ones who create software. Humans make errors and worse yet, humans often repeat them…

If you feel like telling yourself "I'd love to help Wikidot but why do they never fix this or never add that great feature? How could you ask me to recommend Wikidot when I myself, am no longer happy with it?", then, well, tell the Wikidot guys they may be already losing a true friend.

Help translate the "Wikidot handbook"

Take a look here first:

Help with the visual design of this page

It says it all. Make this page more beautiful. :)

Visual summary:


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