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16 Feb 2011 - GadgetWise@NYTimes - Start your own wiki

Posted by gerdamigerdami on 17 Feb 2011 06:46
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If you do not have access to a server or do not want to get mired in the technical details of setting up the software, using a hosted wiki service is usually the easier option. Also known as “wiki farms” these types of sites supply the wiki software and server space and you provide the content. Wikia, Wikispaces and Wikidot are among the many options.

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More>> Review of Wikidot

Posted by gerdamigerdami on 17 May 2009 13:11
Last edited on 17 May 2009 13:12

Wikidot is a wiki farm that supports advanced editing, tag clouds, a flexible permission system, custom themes, and the ability to generate revenue through Google AdSense. With a slick design that is easy to pick up and use, Wikidot makes it easy for users to edit or add to an exiting wiki, or create their own wiki. What Wikidot doesn't have is a major emphasis on existing wikis. The main Wikidot page seems more interested in promoting Wikidot than in promoting individual Wikidot sites.

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