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22 Feb 2010: Revista de História: Aprendendo tupi

Posted by nimuendajunimuendaju on 20 Mar 2010 22:05
Last edited on 20 Mar 2010 22:16

[…] Para aprofundar ainda mais esses estudos, basta navegar em direção à excelente Biblioteca Digital Curt Nimuendaju, que disponibiliza gratuitamente obras dos principais tupinólogos brasileiros e internacionais. […]

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19 February 2010 - Ross-shire Journal

Posted by RobElliottRobElliott on 19 Feb 2010 15:11
Last edited on 21 Feb 2010 13:21


Pictured launching the Lord-Lieutenant's website are, left to right, web designer Rob Elliott LVO, Lord Lieutenant Janet Bowen and Deputy Lord Lieutenant, David Lockett.

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4 Sep 2009 - theAppleBlog - Apple Testing Snow Leopard 10.6.1 Update

Posted by gerdamigerdami on 06 Sep 2009 08:12
Last edited on 06 Sep 2009 08:14

Apple’s official list of problematic apps remains concise. A far more exhaustive compatibility list is provided by the community-edited

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3 Sep 2009 - - Back to school: 15 essential web tools for students

Posted by gerdamigerdami on 18 Jun 2010 10:33
Last edited on 18 Jun 2010 10:48

If you’re working in a group project, you’ll want to keep everyone on the same page, and one of the best ways to organize your thoughts as a group is by using a wiki. WikiDot is a great, simple, wiki hosting solution that students can utilize to create an unlimited number of wiki pages to organize their projects and group research.

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26 Aug 2009 - CNNMoney-Snow Leopard warning: Your apps may crash

Posted by gerdamigerdami on 06 Sep 2009 08:05
Last edited on 06 Sep 2009 08:06

Of the Macintosh apps than have been tested on the gold master of OS X v.10.6 as of Wednesday morning, more than 60 either don't work or have major problems, according to, a collaborative project that is collating independent test results.

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Press tags: apple cnnmoney mac-os snow-leopard


21 Jul 2009 - - Wikidot, una matura piattaforma wiki

Posted by gerdamigerdami on 22 Jul 2009 07:11
Last edited on 06 Sep 2009 08:16

Le soluzioni di hosting HTTP su Internet certo non mancano, ma si distingue dalle altre per concezione e realizzazione, grazie a un'offerta che si specializza nella gestione di wiki.

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7 Jun 2009 - Mashable - How To: Plan a vacation using social media

Posted by gerdamigerdami on 09 Jun 2009 06:28
Last edited on 18 Jun 2010 10:29

First, if you’re going on a vacation larger than just your family, then you’ll want to collect everyone’s research and thoughts onto one page. Setting up a wiki for the vacation is a great solution for this issue. It will help make sure nobody’s ideas are lost. Set up one at Wikidot, PBWorks, Wikia, or Wetpaint.

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Press tags: holidays mashable media social vacation


22 May 2009 - - Organizing your campaign for free or cheap

Posted by gerdamigerdami on 23 May 2009 07:43
Last edited on 06 Sep 2009 08:15

By creating a wiki, you can easily organize your information by any format you wish, as well as allowing only your game players (or those you choose) to make updates. The downside to having your own wiki is that you need your own hosting service and site. Alternatively, if you like the idea of controlling your own wiki, you can utilize a free wiki service like Wikidot to provide a complete wiki for you, hosted and installed.

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