20060821 - Xtvworld.com - Wikidot Com Free Wiki Based Publishing Platform

20060821 - Xtvworld.com - Wikidot Com Free Wiki Based Publishing Platform

By gerdamigerdami on 17 May 2009 11:21, last edit by gerdamigerdami on 17 May 2009 11:41

Torun, Poland, August 21, 2006 — A new "Web 2.0" project founded by Michal Frackowiak, an open source activist, is publicly available now. Wikidot.com is a new Wiki-based publishing platform and a social network targeted mainly at advanced Internet users, content publishers and broadcasters. The service offers many free features and options that should be appealing to these who search for a decent Wiki hosting and should make the "Wiki" philosophy worth learning for these who have not used it before.

"We not only want to allow everyone to create a professional, interactive, fully-featured and independent Wiki website. We want to build a social network of users running their own sites. This distinguishes us from most Wiki or blog providers and takes us closer to social services like MySpace" said Michal Frackowiak.

Source: http://press.xtvworld.com/article13527.html

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