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There is a simple method to use the ListPages module with "[[tabview]]" tag creating tabs with page dependent contents:

I make here an example with some pages of the category "howto" , only tagged with "listpages", sorted by their titleAsc ending , and show inside the tabs thwir complete content ( could be too much to download if they are big ) .
Important are these attributes:

the sorting order is given with: order="titleAsc"

[[module ListPages category="howto" tags="listpages" separate="no" order="titleAsc"  prependLine="[[tabview]]" appendLine="[[/tabview]]"  ]]
[[tab %%litle%%]]

In Action:

notice :
1.this page itself cannot be shown "complete" in the selected list (by tags="listpages") the modue ListPages does not work recursively;
2. The tab names are NOT Links to the pages (using %%linked_title%% IS NOT possible). If you want to insert the "linked_title" you can do it before the "content" with an explanation…
3. Every [[toc]] tag shows ALL existing headers ( of all inserted sub-pages on this page ! No chance to prevent this..



Click on picture for live preview.


The code below has to be inserted in the live _template for default pages or cat1:_template for category cat1

[[tab Article]]
[[tab Discussion]]
[[module Comments hideForm="true"]]
[[tab Related articles]]
> Articles sharing the same tags, if any
[[module ListPages category="*" tags="=" tagTarget="system:page-tags" separate="false"
prependLine="||~ Category ||~ Linked_title ||~ Tags ||"]]
||%%category%%: || %%linked_title%% || %%tags%% ||
[[tab Backlinks]]
> Pages that link to this one, if any
[[module Backlinks]]
[[tab Page info]]
||~ variable ||~ value ||
|| @@%%@@title@@%%@@ || %%title%% ||
|| @@%%@@linked_title@@%%@@ || %%linked_title%% ||
|| @@%%@@title_linked@@%%@@ || %%title_linked%% ||
|| @@%%@@page_unix_name@@%%@@ || %%page_unix_name%% ||
|| @@%%@@full_page_name@@%%@@ || %%full_page_name%% ||
|| @@%%@@page_name@@%%@@ || %%page_name%% ||
|| @@%%@@category@@%%@@ || %%category%% ||
|| @@%%@@link@@%%@@ || %%link%% ||
|| @@%%@@author@@%%@@ || %%author%% ||
|| @@%%@@date@@%%@@ || %%date%% ||
|| @@%%@@date|format@@%%@@ || %%date|%e %B %Y%% ||
|| @@%%@@author_edited@@%%@@ || %%author_edited%% ||
|| @@%%@@user_edited@@%%@@ || %%user_edited%% ||
|| @@%%@@date_edited@@%%@@ || %%date_edited%% ||
|| @@%%@@date_edited|format@@%%@@ || %%date_edited|%O ago (%e %b %Y, %H:%M %Z)%% ||
|| @@%%@@rating@@%%@@ || %%rating%% ||
|| @@%%@@comments@@%%@@ || %%comments%% ||
|| @@%%@@tags@@%%@@ || %%tags%% ||
|| @@%%@@preview(20)@@%%@@ || %%preview(20)%% || 
[[tab  Attached Files]]
[[module Files]]
[[tab  Attached Pics]]

In action




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