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Subscribe via Feedblitz

Click on links below to subscribe to Site and Forum changes via Feedblitz emails.
You will be prompted by Feedblitz to enter your email address…
No prior registration is required.

Feedblitz: community site changes
Feedblitz: community new forum threads
Feedblitz: community new forum posts

Feedblitz: blog site changes
Feedblitz: blog new forum threads
Feedblitz: blog new forum posts

Feedblitz: handbook site changes
Feedblitz: handbook new forum threads
Feedblitz: handbook new forum posts

Feedblitz: snippets site changes
Feedblitz: snippets new forum threads
Feedblitz: snippets new forum posts

Feedblitz: themes site changes
Feedblitz: themes new forum threads
Feedblitz: themes new forum posts

Feedblitz: org site changes
Feedblitz: org new forum threads
Feedblitz: org new forum posts

… and for the main Wikidot, sorry for the www

Feedblitz: www site changes
Feedblitz: www new forum threads
Feedblitz: www new forum posts

Special Wikidot feeds:
FeedBlitz: Wikidot Change Log
FeedBlitz: Wikidot News
FeedBlitz: Wikidot Press Releases

Feeds from
FeedBlitz: Change Log
FeedBlitz: New threads
FeedBlitz: New posts

Feedblitz will put all changes into one single email.


The Feedblitz service (or similar) could NOT access your feeds if the wiki is private.
However, one registered at Feedblitz, you would be able to update the private feed subscription and provide a username and an encrypted password available in the section "Notifications" of your wiki site manager.


This page includes the page feedblitz-include several times with different site names as parameters.

[[include feedblitz-include site=community]]

Page feedblitz-include:

[{$site} Feedblitz: {$site} site changes]
[{$site} Feedblitz: {$site} new forum threads]
[{$site} Feedblitz: {$site} new forum posts]




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