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This is a quick checklist for all new Wikidot sites. It may be useful to quickly go through this list, to ensure that you've completed all or most of these tasks already.

Create your site

Probably the most important step! View our Creating your first Wikidot site page for more information. The bottom of that page also includes a video tutorial, if you prefer those.

You may also find the Handbook page helpful.

Read the start page

Also known as your welcome page or home page, it usually contains extremely helpful information for all new Wikidot users.

We highly recommend that before you edit this page, you make a copy of it elsewhere for future reference.

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Options > Page Source
  2. Copy this source code to your system clipboard by selecting it and using Ctrl+C
  3. Create a new page, e.g. start-old. You can do this by visiting and clicking on the 'Create page' link.
  4. Paste in the source code from your clipboard, using Ctrl+V
  5. Enter a title for the page, e.g. "Old start page"
  6. Save the changes and bookmark the page in your browser for future reference
  7. Go back to the home page and edit it as much as you want, knowing that you have a copy of the original content to refer to! ;-)

Edit your navigational menu(s)

When your new Wikidot site was generated, two navigation pages were created: nav:side and nav:top. These pages use a [category called nav (short for navigation).

You should remember to edit these pages, and to add any important links on those pages so that they are easily accessible to your Wikidot site's visitors. Help with editing these pages can be found on the Menu page.

If you wish to change the name of these navigational pages (or even the category), you can do so in the site manager.

It is a good idea to save and use the standard menus from wikidot. Think of the visitors who will come to your site and will have, at the first entry, no idea what to read first and where to go. It should be obvious how to find your most important content, otherwise potential visitors will leave your site without a second glance and search for a different resource on the topic instead.

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