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Code 1

[[module ListPages category="howto" separate="no" prependLine="||~ Pagename||~ Tags||"]]
||%%title_linked%%||%%tags%% %%_tags%%||
Pagename Tags
Be Notified - RSS Feed Guide feed feedblitz feedburner notification rss _interface
Use a logo within your site clickable css customize design layout logo site _l6 _layout
Using Ratings page ratings _interface
Site statistics – visitors tracking, hit counters, etc. analytics counters hit site statistic visitors _tool
Forums: A step by step guide admin create forum permissions setting tag _forum _l3
Design Your Own CSS Theme color colour css customize layout themes _layout
Promote Your Site promotion site _l9 _promote
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Code 2, with tags clickable

[[module ListPages category="howto" separate="no" prependLine="||~ Pagename||~ Tags||" tags="@URL"]]
||%%title_linked%%||%%tags_linked|howto:show-a-list-of-used-tags-per-page/tag/%% %%_tags_linked|howto:show-a-list-of-used-tags-per-page/tag/%%||

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