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Code 1

[[module ListPages category="howto" separate="no" prependLine="||~ Pagename||~ Tags||"]]
||%%title_linked%%||%%tags%% %%_tags%%||
Pagename Tags
Use Forum Option Buttons buttons forum options page post _forum _l1
Create a Blog with Forum and Frontforum blog _interface
Interface Design _interface
Create a Blog based on category blog: blog bookmark _archive _howto
Play Music embed gadget google _archive _howto
Import Simple Excel Tables Into Wikidot cell excel import row table vba _content _l5
Create Templates include template _l5 _layout
Subscribe To Community Sites And Forum Changes Via Feedblitz feed feedblitz include parameters rss
Forums : Fixing Them fixing forum post repair thread _forum _l3
Forums : Fight Spam block delete forum move post spam thread _forum _l7
Embellish Text. Some Examples embellish font html layout size style text _content _l2
Track Site And Forum Changes In One Page changes forum site tracking _interface _l8
Create an Automatic Navigation without parent-childs backlinks category index structure _content _l4
Create Categories admin category permissions setting site _interface _l4
Send E Mail invitations email invitation send _promote
Use Page Option Buttons buttons forum options page post _interface _l1
Add Admins Or Moderators To Your Site admin moderator setting site _l3 _tool
Logout From Wikidot account logout menu personal _l1 _wikidot
Add a Custom Google Search Engine gadget google search search_engine _interface _l4
List of community-edited How-To's help _archive _ignore

Code 2, with tags clickable

[[module ListPages category="howto" separate="no" prependLine="||~ Pagename||~ Tags||" tags="@URL"]]
||%%title_linked%%||%%tags_linked|howto:show-a-list-of-used-tags-per-page/tag/%% %%_tags_linked|howto:show-a-list-of-used-tags-per-page/tag/%%||

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