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Code 1

[[module ListPages category="howto" separate="no" prependLine="||~ Pagename||~ Tags||"]]
||%%title_linked%%||%%tags%% %%_tags%%||
Pagename Tags
ListPages By User
Flexible CSS - putting CSS on its own page categories css layout themes _layout
Add chessdiagrams chess chessdiagram
Apply A Wikipedia Like Talk Button howto talk
Embed Google+ Button google+
Setup an "Educational Wiki" class course educational private students teachers
Making a Custom Table with ListPages custom include listpages table
Import Ms Word -Text Into Wikidot import macro vba word
Getting Started Guide
How To Add Private Pages On A Wiki The Easy Way
Create a news entry list news notice
Button Links box button link
Put Youtube video with footnotes in text divs video youtube
Password Protect a Page password protect secure
Show page to specific users only howto specific_user_only suo
Use Anchors on a page anchhor howto
Customize the Landing Page for a Private Category
Maintain Transparency in Resized Images images transparency
Historical timeline/it happened on this day iframe javascript message
How To put a StumbleUpon button on your page bitly code link social stumbleupon twitter

Code 2, with tags clickable

[[module ListPages category="howto" separate="no" prependLine="||~ Pagename||~ Tags||" tags="@URL"]]
||%%title_linked%%||%%tags_linked|howto:show-a-list-of-used-tags-per-page/tag/%% %%_tags_linked|howto:show-a-list-of-used-tags-per-page/tag/%%||

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