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OK, thanks to James KanjoJames Kanjo, a brilliant young man, we have come up to this marvelous solution.

If you want to put Footnotes in two columns, you just follow these simple steps:

  • First, insert into your CSS the following code:
.multi-column .footnote-footer {
    padding: 0;
    padding-bottom: 1em;
  • Then, create a page template:footnotes
  • Insert into that page the following code:
[[div class="multi-column" style="-moz-column-count: {$columns}; -moz-column-gap: {$gap};"]]
[[footnoteblock title=""]]
  • Then use include module with variables in a page where you want to have footnotes in multiple columns.

[[include template:footnotes
|columns=2 or 3, 4, whatever number you want

Now, I recommend the gap of 25px, and if you are ok with it, you can even put it as a constant parameter in the template page code. But if you need different gap widths at different pages, then it is better to keep it as variable parameter.

In action



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