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This how-to explains how you can enable Wikidot PMs to be sent to multiple recipients.

Here is the forum-Thread of Kenneth' little script and how to use it: Multi-PM Bookmarklet

Multi-PM Bookmarklet

(coped from the Thread)
Hi all,

Just wanna show you my new project - Multi-PM bookmarklet.
Basically, when you click on the bookmarklet that you have saved on the "new message" page, Javascript code is injected onto your browser to allow the PM to be sent to multiple Wikidot users.

Anyway, lets get started:

1. Save the bookmarklet: (Sometimes, Chrome doesn't save the name of the bookmarket.)

2. Go ahead and compose a new PM: Compose a new PM
3. Once the page loads, click on the "Multi-PM" bookmarket.
4. The To field should have changed and an "add" link should appear above it
5. Enter the EXACT Username (spaces accepted) you want to send the PM to.
6. Click Send (this may cause the browser to appear frozen - this is normal)

Change Log:

Version 1

20th Aug 2011

  • Initial Release
  • Fixed IE 8 Bug

22nd Aug 2011

  • Auto-fix usernames

23rd Aug 2011

  • Hyphenated usernames work

Version 2

16th Aug 2012

  • Completely re-written from scratch
  • Uses Wikidot's Autocomplete engine
  • Auto-corrects username to closest match (using autocomplete engine)
  • Async requests (no freezing)

17th Aug 2012

  • Delete recipients
  • Added functionality to include list of recipients in message
  • Fixed spacing issues with tick


Okay, I've rebuilt the entire thing from scratch. There's no freeze time and auto-fill works now. You might have to re-install the bookmarklet for it to work.

I've tested it on:

  • Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Mozilla FF 16.0.1
  • IE 9 (NOTE: PMs send OK, but page does not redirect to inbox again once PMs sent)
Status Symbols:
Symbol Meaning
Recipient exists and PM will send correctly
X There are no Wikidot users with a similar username
! There are more than one Wikidot users with a similar username, please further refine
you can use autocomplete to help you out.

Security issues:

There is the problem occurred that the http call of the Multi-PM script is "insecure" on the "https" - messages of wikidot main / account screen.

Example: Chrome asks me if I want to run the unsecure sub-script (FF asked not) and answered with a marked https in the url.

This works in Chrome, and in IE !
( in FF i have not yet found the switch to allow unsecure scripts on the https-wikidot message screen..)

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