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MindMaps - what is this?

Have a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mind_map

Technical solutions

The question is here - what do you want to show on a wikidot page?

  • an image of the map ( with all nodes "unfolded")
  • a printable version ( pdf ?) of such an image?
  • an iframe with a complete html file - showing all the nodes foldable/unfodlable in an overview (FreeMind)
  • an extra Window (iframed) with the "Original" map on an outside located wiki ( MindMeister) with the options to zoom, fold/unfold the nodes, following the links ( without any edit possibility)
  • an extra Window ( iframed) with the "Original" map on an outside located wiki ( MindMeister) with all the options to zoom , shift/move, fold/unfold the nodes, following the links and - if wanted - edit the map directly?

Images on a wikidpt page

There are some differences in the usage of "images of the map"

pdf files ( of an image)

You have to export the mao on a printable pdf file and upload it to the wikidot page ( tag [[file... ]]

gif files

You have to "export" your map on your local hard disc and upload it to the wikidot page…

html files

You have to "export" your (FreeMind) map on your local hard disc and copy the source onto a page of your site in a code type="HTML" block´.. than you can iframe it on the page ( or another page with the souorce link to the code block …page/code/1 ( or whichever number the code block on the page is)

Iframes of the REAL MindMap

MindMeister offers some links, embeddig codes and iframe codes to use:

  • URL of the original mao for sending in an e.mail
  • Anchor type link to use (like a link in wikidot ) with the same effect
  • Embedding code in an iframe to use

Depending the situation if the mao is shared, public or public wirg password protection there ar some different issues:

Iframe with /publilc_map_shell/


  • Fold/unfold of Nodes possible
  • Notes, links opens by hoovering with the mouse on a thumbnail
  • Links can be followed
  • shift/move of complete root and all nodes


  • No edit possible
  • zoom in/out only in FireFox posible ( nit in IE)

Iframe with editable Link(password)

Same as above , but with the original map shown for "edit" ( if an account exists)

File Formats

  • .mm Freemind
  • .mind MindMeister

Free Versions



This is a free ( open source) java application. This means - you need the RUN TIME Environment version of java (sun) downloaded onto your local system.

  • open source software
  • this runs on near every platform. ( windows, Mac OS, Linux)
  • good online Help and Forum on the web.
  • group of developers
  • easy to install and work with it !
  • file format ".mm" is a standard now…
  • Export/import is easy to local disk with html , xml, image
  • folding of "nodes" is standard
  • Links, attachments, notes per node possible
  • clouds over nodes are possible !!!


  • you need Run Time Environment from java ( not javascript!) - this is not difficult to download and install, but could be an extra step neccessary
  • only "Offline working" posible now ( rel 0.8.)
  • there is no ONLINE collaboration possible.
  • In case you need collaboration - you have to store the mindmap file ( xyz.mm) on the wikidot page for DOWNLOAD.


One of Freemind's programmers made an open source project in java:


Debategraph New!

I am not sure if this is free completely… but I have to investigate…
Link: http://debategraph.org

MindMeister (basic)


This is an ONLINE apllication on the web - you need no installation for this!


  • 6 mindmaps are free with a basic account
  • you can made a map "public" (open for internet viewing and editable!)
  • "Public" with password possible
  • you can share with selected "friends" ( accounts) for updateing and viewing only)
  • Imports works with FreeMind, Mindmanager ( mindjet), Mindmeister formated files)
  • export possible into FreeMind, MindMeister, Mindmanager8 (Mindjet), gif, pdf outliner(word, rtf)
  • No installation neccessary
  • no limits in Size
  • "History" with revisioning possible
  • Collaboration should be possible ( not yet tested this)
  • attachments per node
  • Links per node
  • Notes per node
  • Icons per node


  • no clouds surround selected nodes posible ( or I have not yet seen them)

Payable Versions


This is the basic (free) account plus some business features ( team administration a.s.o.)

  • no limits on Mindmaps
  • Costs like 4 €/month upwards….


http://www.mindjet.com/ (MindManager8)

I have no idea about this….

Examples in Action


Here is my fist Freemind map of oputr Community site…. :)
[[image http://helmuti-pdorf.wdfiles.com/local--files/all-files/Community_v07.png link="http://helmuti-pdorf.wdfiles.com/local--files/all-files/Community_v07.png"]]


This is only a picture - the embedding or iframe does not work as awaited… the image and pngs are wrong located….
( http://helmuti-pdorf.wikidot.com/freemind-test2)

And here for the download for your (local hard disk) try of FreeMind ("Right mouse click" - "save target under…"!) : FreeMind_Community_08.mm

Facit: the wroking with the free ( open source) FreeMind is easy and powerfull… but the embedding here is a pain…( as long as there is no API build in Wikidot …)

The html output ( in XML) with the "folding" options of the nodes works very well, but this is all:

[[iframe http://helmuti-pdorf.wikidot.com/freemind-test2/code/1 frameborder="1" height="800px" width="800px" scrolling="yes"]]

Mindmanager8 ( Mindjet.com)

here is a copy from strathview does not match any existing user name from his post

The payware version from Mindmanager8 would look like this (I have just done a cut-down version of your mindmap) and the embedding/iframing does work but its major problem of course is the cost:



@iframe width="600" height="400" frameborder="0" src="http://www.mindmeister.com/maps/public_map_shell/13854863?width=600&height=400&zoom=1" scrolling="no" style="overflow:hidden"></iframe@


@a href="http://www.mindmeister.com/13854863?password=wiki...">Community</a@

[[iframe http://www.mindmeister.com/maps/public_map_shell/13854863?width=800&height=800&zoom=1 width="800px" height="600px" frameborder="1" scrolling="no" style="overflow:hidden" ]]


Xmind test

Debategraph !!


Absolut astonishing! Click inside the frame on one of the spehres to explore!
Have a view!
Link: http://debategraph.org

[[html]]<iframe src='http://debategraph.org/Stream.aspx?nID=61932&iv=5' frameborder='1' width='920' height='750' scrolling='yes'></iframe>[[/html]]:


http://www.mindjet.com/ (MindManager8)

Linklist inserted by Helmut to be visited and read:

Freeplane "related":
http://sourceforge.net/projects/freeplane/ <== download (free)

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