Mass-tagging of pages with Wikidot-API

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Notice: this is only working for Pro-accounts - You neeed your API-key for writing/reading in a programmed bacth version! (And the site must be set up to allow API-processing!)

There is in our Wikidot-Applications a tagtool existent from Kenneth Tsang, which is very useful for mass-tagging in a batch run pages, selected by a list of Pagenames. categories, Tags or Parent-fullname:
Wikidot jsAPI Library ]
You can find it in our Applications for Wikidot.

This starts simple a jsapi-tagtool - use it in Chrome! )

As an example:
you can tag all selected pages with a hidden tag "_%%fulllname%%" to select it in a listpages Module by the fullname/name direct ( which is not possible now to read by a Pagename direct) .
This works very well in Chrome! !


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