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When using module ListPages to select pages by specific criteria, there are two possible outcomes:

  • at least one page matches the criteria (resulting in a list of pages to be displayed), or
  • none of the pages match (resulting in nothing to be displayed)

You'd sometimes want the heading text for the list of pages to automatically adapt to the above situations, e. g. to show a heading text like

  • “Below you'll find a list of pages” if one or more pages are displayed, and
  • “No pages match” if ListPages does not display any pages

Here is a way, how you can do that.


Click on a tag to list Community Blog pages tagged with any tag, listpages, howto, xyzzy

This is how the above example was coded:

[[module ListPages tag="@URL" category="blog" limit="10" separate="false"
appendLine="//No pages are tagged with the selected tag//[!----]"]]
//Below you'll find a list of pages tagged with the selected tag//
# %%linked_title%%: %%tags%%

How it Works

Because the "pages available" code is within the ListPages body, it will only display if there are any pages matching the ListPages criteria. Hidden comments are used to ignore the "pages available" message for every page after the first one — the ending [!-- code of the ListPages body is responsible for this. However, when the last page of the matching criteria is displayed, the ending [!-- code will instead hide the "pages unavailable" message.
Note: you must type the shown Wikidot comments ([!----]) and ([!--) exactly as-is. They are required to perform the desired function.

[[module ListPages selection-criteria separate="false"



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