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In the community forum there were the questions how to find pages "with no parenting".. (example: )


The solution is a page with ListPages module selecting such pages without a parent and listing them:
using the

  • Parent page selector: "-" means pages with no parent page

that means an attribute parent="-" is enough to show all pages of category="*" ( all) without a parent

[[module ListPages separate="no" limit="999"  parent="-" category="*"]]
%%title_linked%% - [[user %%created_by%%]] - %%created_at%%

see also the documentation:


Here the example with the category "howto":

[[module ListPages separate="no" limit="999"  parent="-" category="howto"]]
%%title_linked%% - [[user %%created_by%%]] - %%created_at%%


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