Keep hidden tags really hidden in tags area

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There was such question in the Community Forum:
and I think it is a good idea to copy the work around and the (old) wish into a howto:

Hi Wikidot community,

Is it possible to hide hidden tags from viewers? It's a cool feature and I've found it useful to my site, but it's a bit annoying to see all those underscored tags in the tag area. I want to keep all other tags, just wish hidden tags to really stay hidden.

And the answer came from Ed with a cool idea from Timothy:

Check out Wish:908 on the Feedback site and vote it up. While not implemented, Timothy Foster posted a clever CSS solution that targets "_hidden" tags:

.page-tags a[href^='/system:page-tags/tag/_'] {
  display: none;

This works really!

Thanks for the idea!

Notice: this is not working for normal tags!

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