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Or to be more precise, what they do!

Page Options:

These are found at the bottom of every page and can be switched off (set to be not shown) in the site manager / permissions per every category and member-level.

The first set is: edit | rate (x) | tags | discuss (x) | history | files | print | site tools | +options

Opens up the standard "edit " window. Use this to edit your page. Please note that when entering code of any sort, it is essential that spaces are inserted in the correct place, otherwise the page will not display as required.
rate (x)
Opens up the rating module that used to rate contents of the page. This option only showed when configured properly in your admin page.
Use this to enter "tags" (key words referring to the content of your pages).
discuss (x)
Jump to the discussion forum that discusses the page. This option only showed when configured properly in your admin page.
Use this to view the changes over a period of time to your pages. There are a number of options and actions that can be carried out to aid you in tracking changes.
If You click on this button, a little extra menu opens with more buttons (upload new file | file manager), which gives you the opportunity to up/down-load files to that page (also called "attaching" them to that page), and view & control files within that page. The file manager gives you an overview of the used space too.
Will open up your page in a new window, allowing you to print the contents of that page without any of the stuff (side bars, navigation features, etc.) surrounding that page.
Note1: if you used coding to insert columns, the layout is preserved.
Note2: if your printout is not in a good layout with the automatic pagebreaks than you can use (or avoid) pagebreaks - see the comments on Print friendly option.
Have a try and click on the following "print" button and test some different pt-values:
site Tools
Gives you two further options:
  • wanted Pages:

Will give you the names of the pages that have NOT been created yet, but that have been "suggested" somewhere in the wiki by someone inserting [[[something in here]]] on a page.

  • orphaned pages

This is a list of all the pages that do not have links to or from. There will always be some in here, such as Category, Forum threads, New Forum Thread, ect.

  • draft pages

This is a list of all the existing / saved "draft"version of pages.


This opens up a new list of buttons.
:Edit Sections | Append | Edit Meta | Watchers | Backlinks | Page source | Parent | Lock Page | Rename | Delete

Edit Sections.
Clicking on this will provide you with a "edit" button next to each seperate heading in your page. Clicking a particular "edit" button will open that part of the page only. Very handy for editing long documents.
This gives you an empty edit box. Any text that is entered here will go right at the very bottom of the page. Note: if you have used a module "comments module", for example, the the appended text will go BELOW that module.
Edit Meta.
Clicking on this will provide you with a new "edit" Window to edit "Meta" data for the html coding for (all) pages.
Will give you a list of users who will receive notifications when changes are made to the page or when the page is commented.
Will give you a list of pages that links that link to that page. It will also give you a list of pages that directly include this page. (!!! need to add more on this!!!)
Page source
Will give you all the text and coding used for that page in such a way that it can be copied and pasted elsewhere. For larger pages it can help in locating errors in the text and code because you get it displayed at the same time as you view it (unlike the edit window).
Use this to help in page navigation. You might find it a good idea to put at least Home page name in here This is VERY handy if you wish to use "bread crumbs" navigation. Put [[module PageTree]] in your "home" page somewhere and all will be revealed. More info Here
Lock Page
Will give you a tick box. Tick this if you want only admins and Mods to be able to edit this page. This is sometimes useful e.g. for the starting page. This is over and above the permissions set in "site manager"
Warning! This will change the actual address of the page. If you change it any pages that have links to and from it will not work. Fortunately there is another button Show dependences that warns you if this is the case. Alternatively, just change the displayed Title of the Page in the Title of page box above the edit dialog box without change the page address.
You can delete the page by either moving it to a default "deleted" category (the page name will be changed to "deleted:page_name") or by permanently removing it from the Wiki, which is nonrecoverable and should be used with caution.


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