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Or to be more precise, what they do!

Forums Post option buttons

Below any post you make, there are two buttons: reply | options


Use this to directly reply to the specific post you are reading. It gives you an "edit " box with the post title automatically inserted. You may change this title if you like. Finally there is the button called:


This gives you three more buttons: permanent link| edit | delete

Permanent link
You may find this useful if you wish to link to a particular post in the forum. When you click on the button, a little extra window opens containing the URL for the particular reply/post, which is the post's permanent link. Please note that this is often not the URL in the address-bar of your browser! You can copy and paste to put this link in any of your wiki pages (just as you can any others). Remember that if the post is deleted then the link becomes inoperable.


[* Example]

Use this button if you wish to edit your post after you have posted it, brings up the standard edit dialog box.
Use With Caution ! Read the warning.

Thread Buttons.

Under the "thread" summary box , you will find three buttons.

unfold all: Will expand folded posts

fold: Will collapse unfolded posts

+ more options Clicking this will give you

Edit title and Description.

Allows you to change the Thread Title and summary


Will keep or promote important "threads" at the top of the "tree" in a forum category. example

Posting block

Enables amins and Mods to "lock" a Thread,. Only they will be able to make additional posts.

Move thread

This option gives you the opportunity to move the thread to a different Forum Category.
It can be dangerous to delete threads, it is far better to move them to a "hidden" category instead.
It is also particularly useful for removing spam

add to watched
If you wish to keep track of posts in a particular thread, use this option.
To view the watched posts go to "my account" » watched »discussions

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