How To Use The Dollar Codestring

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Hi! My name is RylanceRylance. I am going to teach on how to use this:



Yes, that. You maybe messing around some other Wikidot sites and you found those type of codes. I'm just gonna call it "Dollar Codestring". And here, I am going to show you how you can use that sort of thing.


Now go to your website, and create a new page. You can put it on your chosen page category. But for this example, let's just call it: dev:dollar.

In the page, put a set of brackets like this: {}
Inside the bracket, add a dollar sign and add a name on it. Name it whatever you want. Note that you should not put spaces just like the example above. And here's what it look like:


Executing the code

After doing this, save the page and go to the another page. In that page, we need to use the [[include]] in order for the code from the last page to take effect. Next, add a vertical line right next to the page name after writing 'include'. Then, add the 'examplename', add an equal sign, and write the name. Make sure they are no quotation marks. If done correctly, this is what it look like:

[[include dev:dollar|examplename=Hello!]]

Also note that you don't need the dollar sign. Write the name and that's it.

How to use

It is simple to use because you don't need effort to write the entire page with messy codes, it saves lots of time and headache. Also, the use of the Dollar Codestring is also helpful because it gives functionality and life to the site. For example, if you are making a Wikipedia-like-site, you can make citations like this:

[[include citation|author=Author A.B|date=(Date)|worktitle=Content|retrieved=Original Work|urlordoi=URL or DOI]]

In effect, this is how it looks like:

Author A.B. (Date). Content. Original Work. URL or DOI

And this is how it looks like in the placeholder view:

{$author}. {$date}. {$worktitle}. //{$retrieved}//. {$urlordoi}

And that is it! I hope had helped you a lot. Thank you!

RylanceRylance. Please visit his/her userPage.

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