How to let people join my site?

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My members can't get in and join on my site

Following situation: built a site, email invitations sent but I can't work out how to set up the landing page so members can access the site.

It seems you have not allowed & setup the applyment by password ( or any applyment by text ) for new members of your site.

Go to your "Site manager" ( normal page "admin:manage") on menu point » Members » Policy - and you will see at the second paragraph the procedure!

1. Allow here on this screen the

  • "Enable membership by applying: " or/and ( better both)
  • "Enable membership by password: " and
  • enter an appropriate password - (you can send it your students by mail… or Private message)

2. insert ( within extra lines !) on your Joining page "How to join this site?" (url/page name = "system:join" - the "landing page" of the "private " site for non-members)

2.1. for "Applying for membership" following line :

[[module MembershipApply]]

(This part of code is usually found at page system:join, but you can put this piece of code anywhere)

2.2 for "Enable membership by applying" following line :

[[module MembershipByPassword]]

3. Landing "new" visitors, who are not members of your site, can enter here the password and are immediately member of your site.

And - if someone does not know the password can write a little text into the applyment box and You will get a notification that in the "Site manager" under the menu point » Members » Applications there is a new member asking for acceptance or declination.

In such a manner is the membership-creation working.

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