How To Add Private Pages On A Wiki The Easy Way

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This how to shows you how to add private pages on a public wiki.


Say you have some content that you want only site moderators or members to see, but you don't want to have to make your site private.
How do you do it?
I'm going to show you

1. Add a new category

Go To
Obviously, replace everything with your own site's information.

2. Change Permissions

Go to admin:manage and change the viewing permissions of your new category so that only members, or moderators, or admins can see it.

2. Add a "Landing page"

Create a (normally "hidden") paged called "category:_public" for all visitors who are NOT allowed to see any content of the category.
( like : Sorry, the content of this category is "private")


You now have private pages.
To add more just go to
category:your new page name
Simple isn't it?

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