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Wikidot members can customise their forum signatures via My account, My profile, Forum signature.

8.2. Several users are complaining about the signature of one user, which is promoting a political ideology. The site admin asks the user to change his signature. [...]
Source: WCPG

Admin side

The admin of a site can append some CSS code to his/her custom theme

Hide all forum signatures

.signature {display:none !important;}

Hide pictures (only) in forum signatures

.signature img {display:none !important;}

Client side

If you don't want to see forum signatures from a wikidot site that you don't own, first get Stylish addons for Firefox1, which lets you customise the way you see any website in the WWW.
The good things with Stylish2:

  • it's user's choice
  • user can later enable/disable signatures with a single click

Click on the Stylish button, Write new style -> For wikidot.com… or For subdomain.wikidot.com… and add one of the following codes:

Hide all forum signatures from community.wikidot.com

@-moz-document domain("community.wikidot.com") {
.signature {display:none !important;}

Hide pictures (only) in forum signatures from any wikidot site

@-moz-document domain("wikidot.com") {
.signature img {display:none !important;}



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