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You certainly know that you can embed a Google map that you can find at But how can we embed maps automatically in page with copying and paste the code from Google.


An easy one

This solution is based on the code to be embedded from It uses an [[include…]] which contains [[embed]]1 instructions.

Default roadmap

 [[include :csi:include:google-map-embed | location=Rue de la Loi 200, Brussels, Belgium |
 domain=com | lang=en | width=600 | height=300 | zoom=14 ]]


 [[include :csi:include:google-map-embed | location=Cairo, Egypt |
 domain=com | lang=ar | width=600 | height=300 | zoom=5 | type=h ]]


 [[include :csi:include:google-map-embed | location=Mont Blanc, France |
 domain=com | lang=fr | width=600 | height=300 | zoom=9 | type=p ]]


  • location=street, town, country
  • domain=com or be, fr, de, it, …
  • lang=en (default) or any ISO valid language code (fr, nl, it, pt, es, de, …)
  • width and height in pixels
  • zoom: from 0 (world) to 20 (street)
  • type: nil for the default roadmap, h for hybrid, p for terrain


Do not ask me how to disable the popup, I don't know (yet).

A static one

This version requires a free Google API key2, choose as valid domain.

A Javascript based one

This version requires a free Google API key, choose as valid domain.
Do not ask me how to pass variables to the Javascript block, I don't know.



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