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In wikidot you cannot select pages with "non-existing" tags - it does not work (in module ListPages or other) to try ideas like:

  • tags="NONE" ( a constant )
  • tags ="-*" ( de-select all possible tags)
  • tags="+" ( select all tags with nothing - lenght = zero)
  • iftags has the same problem…

therefore the question:

How to find pages without tags?

I found only a solution based on the fact that module ListPages inserts a standard phrase "no tags found for this page" in the variable %%tags%% if a page has no tags assigned.

On html output you can use the "Edit" & "Search" Command short form:

  • "cntrl" + "F" ( search) and
  • "cntrl" + "G" ( next find)

Perhaps other people find another solution ?
A sort would be useful…

Using %%tags%%

( as a test I used the "wishlist:" category)

[[module ListPages category="wishlist" order="titleAsc" perPage="200" limit="7" separate="false" prependLine="||~ page(title) ||~ tags ||"]]
|| %%linked_title%% || %%tags%%||

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Update: List only pages with no tags at all

I think that now (beginning from August 2009) there is a possibility to list only untagged pages by using tags="-". It is documented in the ListPages doc.

Here's the code for ListPages module which will list all untagged pages from a category "wishlist" at this site.

[[module ListPages category="wishlist" tag="-" order="titleAsc" perPage="200" separate="false" prependLine="||~ page(title) ||~ tags ||"]]
|| %%linked_title%% || %%tags%%||

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