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I am a member of a private site, am logged in but do not remember private password. What should I do?

This posting shall be deleted in the near future.
i think, this should better be copied under "emergency help" - this is a good question !

@ Orag.
alas you are not a member of any private group.

The only site that you are a member of is the one you created recently.

In this instance we cannot help you.

the only person that can help is the admin of the private site that you (dont) refer to,
You will have to pm the site site admin or contact him/her by some other means.

No, Phil ! I think this is a regular and good question of a "newbee" - where do i get my old password again?

@ Orag.

1. "I am a member of a private site" - as Phil noticed, this is not the fact for us…

I believe "you think" you are a member of a private site. Cold be you are invited by someone…
please - can you write here under "discuss"-button ( bottom options ) why you think so?
- means - were you invited by mail, or have you build your own private site and cannot remember now?

2. "am logged in " - I can imagine - you have written here :)

3. "but do not remember private password"

interesting question - a password for a private site is a "generic applying password" for joining a site.
can you copy here in this page the url / link of exact this page where you are asked for such a password?

My thinking:

You are a member of a private site ( perhaps your own) and use a browser which have problems with third party cookies…

My tip:

  • go to ( main page) -
  • make login here,
  • open a new tab in the browser
  • type in your private site adrees in the url

tell us what is happening


  • after login
  • go to "my acount" ( right top menu button)
  • click on "account summary"
  • got to "my sites"
  • and have a look - which site you are a member of !

If all of this is not helping you - than do as Phil has written - ask the "admin" of the "wished site"!

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