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1. Block spammer

The first thing to do, when some dear nice chappy (or chapess) starts playing silly buggers, is to block them.

At the moment, only admins can do this.
This is done by going to site manager» Security» blocks»User blocks.
At the bottom of the page is + add user to blocklist.

Enter the offending user name - than WAIT for answer of the system, showing all the found users with this name or starting with it (!) - and
. select the correct user by mouse-click from the found list under the user-field;
. enter a comment as to the reason for blocking the user.
. click on button "BLOCK" !

Once that is done then there is the cleanup to be done.

2. Delete posts

  • Rename the Thread to "spam"
  • Change the text in thread description to "spam" (using edit title & description )
  • Delete the POST, and ONLY the POSTNOT the THREAD

(In this sequence!)

Do not Delete the thread but MOVE the THREAD

3. Move the thread

(Using move thread) to the hidden category Hidden : per page discussions via the drop down list.


Sometimes it takes awhile for the offending threads/posts to disappear from "recent posts" and "recent threads".

Further reading: Here

4. Post the spammer to Spambotdeathwall

A good idea is to message the spammer to the community by posting it on
There is a spam filter tool running and sometimes someone will be able to message the ids ( site or spammer) to this tool.


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