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What the hell is it?

Basically it puts Google ads on your wiki pages. From this you can earn revenue.

What do i get out of it?

Money! every time someone clicks on these ads, you get 80% of the revenue generated. Wikidot gets 20%. this income goes to supporting Wikidot.

What control do i have over over ad placement?

I'll repeat that. Total.
And for the hard of hearing…

Setting it up.

Go to your site manager
look for "Monetize($$$)" near the bottom of the list. Click it, then you will see AdSense. click it.

Then you will see a link for the AdSense config panel. click it

You are then sent to YOUR AdSense account.
in the left panel look for configure sites
click it.
You should now be given a list of sites that you have control over.
look for the name of the site you want to configure, and click the configure link.

You will now be given a "configure the site for ads" link. guess what… click it

then click "create first ad unit"

Now it gets interesting!, as you have choices to make :-)

Ad placement and set up

there are two types of ad placement.

1: predefined

Using the Predefined button, you will be able to use the auto placement method from the drop down menu just below it.

There is even a little picture showing you where the ads will go depending on where you pick from the list.

Scrolling down the page a little takes you to the TYPE of ads you will use, followed by the controls for colours used in the ads, with a little display showing how those colours would look.

Note that the Below page content or Below the footer are the less intrusive add placements; AdSense Link Units are merely noticeable.

2: custom

Using this button gives you TOTAL control on WHERE to place your ads.
Note , when you use this option the positioning picture disappears. this is because YOU control where they go.

Fill in the box where it asks you for a "label". eg.. MyAds
Configure the ads the way you want, and apply any colours to them

the last step of this is crucial. without it the ads wont display .

On your wikipage, chose the position where you want the ads to display and add the following code.
[[module AdSenseUnit label="MyAds"]]

You can create as many different types of ad as you like, mix and match both pre and custom types.


Once you have set up the ad placement you can always go back to it and make any changes you like.

What do I do do with all the money?

Google will send you a cheque once you have earnt $100 (USD)
There is a procedure that you have to go through to verify who the hell you are and where to send the money.
Once you have the cheque sign the back of it with the words " pay this to Phil"
PM me and I will PM back my address to send it to.

PS. I have a few "ordinary sites" I had no idea how to put ads on them.
Though this , i found out how to do it, and my "other sites " are included in my AdSense control panel. (You get 100% of the money from non wikidot sites)

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