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The forums have a hidden section that is hidden by default. This section initially contains the deleted threads section and perpage discussion section until you move things around. For one to see these sections, he/she must click on the show hidden button that is a part of the [[module ForumStart]] module. This of course makes the deleted threads viewable, something you may or may not desire.

Fortunately, there is a way to disable the show hidden button so that it does nothing making the hidden categories nearly completely hidden. To do this, all you have to do is move around a few pages and add a redirect module.

The Process

First, create a new page called forum:home and add the [[module ForumStart]] to it.

The first step is simply creating a new page under the forum: category, and for the purposes of this example, we will call it forum:home. Then, put only the [[module ForumStart]] module on the page. This makes the page look very much like the original forum:start page, and it will become the new forum main page.

Second, delete all content from the forum:start page, and put a redirect module on it.

The next step deals with the original forum home page. We want to disable that page and make it go to the new home page. We can do this with the redirect module. Put this code onto the forum:start page.

[[module Redirect destination="/forum:home"]]

Now every time someone enters that page, it sends them to the forum:home page.

Finally, change all the links that lead to forum:start to go to forum:home.

This step is an additional step that can be skipped if you renamed forum:start to forum:home, and it really doesn't matter too much anyway since all pages that lead to forum:start redirect anyway. This step simply cleans up the site making it more consistent.

How it works

The link the the [[module ForumStart]] has leads back to the forum:start page no matter what. So by putting a redirect module, you can never actually see the hidden categories.

Alternate Method

There is another way, found by ErichSteinboeck, that also works with a lot less work. Simply on the forum:start page, use this code.

[[module ForumStart hidden=""]]


Each method works equally fine, but the redirect has an easy way to find the hidden categories, and the alternate doesn't. It really depends on if you as an admin ever needs a way to view the hidden categories. For the redirect method, to view the hidden categories, type forum:home/hidden/show in the URL box. The other method will not let you unless you change the code or discover the category id.


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